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Cable measuring software FMC-3

Safe test results with FMC-3

Our software FMC-3 helps you evaluate obtained test results from our cable measuring devices securely and is always included, when buying one of our products from the VisioCablePro® series. Therefore the FMC-3 is your guarantee for secure quality testing of geometrical attributes of cables and isolated conductors.

We guarantee cable measurements conforming the standards
Basically for cable measurements are the norms:

  • IEC EN 50396
  • IEC EN 60811 ( -201, -202, -203 )
  • LV 112

Automatic cable measurement and analysis simplify the measuring procedure extremely
With the cable measuring software the measuring procedure and the analysis of obtained test results are completely automised. After the cable sample is positioned and measured on the measuring table, our measuring software FMC-3 analyses the sample at once and completely.

Your advantages:

With our software FMC-3 your test results can safely be analyze the and simultaneously be archived. FMC-3 adapts these test results and compares them with saved test plans. Therefore you recieve an all-around packet for your quality.

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